Heathrow, Terminal 5

Client: Balfour Beatty

Sector: Airports

Heathrow Terminal 5, Balfour Beatty

The DGA planning consultancy team at Terminal 5 had a wide ranging brief including the undertaking of a series of Value Management and Benchmarking exercises.

As  a strategically important transportation project the high public profile weighed heavily on cost.  The main driver of the VM programme was cost reduction.  The focus was on labour efficiency and integration of trades.

It was considered that the productivity of the repetitive elements could be improved by analysing work patterns.  To deliver, approval was necessary from both workforce and Employer.  Once the process had been signed off, analysis could begin.  Exercises involved running resource related variables through programme activities to investigate the impact and cost implication of staggered start and finish times, reducing active 'workfaces'; and changing the mix of skilled and unskilled labour.

Input data was prepared using 'time & motion' techniques and entered into bespoke software for analysis.  'Stretch targets' were agreed relative to the original programme outputs.  Results focussed on both direct and indirect cost savings, examining efficiencies gained from the numbers of site visits saved; the timing of orders to minimise storage and maximise discounts; and the impact on the overall unit cost of labour.

Weekly publication of data ensured a discipline of continuous review, with the progressive re-running of VM exercises and VM adopted changes being included in revised the baseline datum, leading to a more efficient and defect free installation methodology.

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