Interim Management

DGA's core services of commercial, programming and project management lend themselves well for delivery through an Interim Management model.

In our Interim Management services we are looking to work with our clients to identify project specific roles where in house sourcing would be either disruptive to the wider management organisation, or where the one-off nature of the role relative to core business operations rules out cost effective permanent recruitment.  By it's nature the role will at senior or middle management level, have a specific project related brief with a clear objective, and is commissioned for the length of the project from the outset.

In the context of Interim Management we see 'projects' as being much wider than just site construction based events.  They may be procurement based; not only of infrastructure or buildings, but also of product designs or concepts; or production line design and installation.  Projects may be resources based in terms of re-organisation or site re-location; or administration and organisation based in terms of document management of enquiries, business reviews; or redesign of processes and procedures.

Many industries outside of construction rely on this form of project management to develop and operate at maximum efficiency, and at DGA we believe our core skills are particularly well suited to support a range of business sectors in paticular pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, transportation logistics, communications and utilities distribution.

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